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Image for Jesus purifies a mother’s heart

Jesus purifies a mother’s heart

F struggled with an unspoken fear of not being loved by her daughter. As she sought the Holy Spirit’s guidance, God revealed several hidden judgements in her heart that He gently led her to address and confess. After she laid down her burdens in the name of Jesus Christ, F...

Image for Jeff's testimony from judgement to compassion

Watch: Jeff’s testimony

Jeff struggled with his heart’s instincts and how he felt he needed to behave. As he sought the Holy Spirit’s counsel together with other brothers-in-Christ, God showed him how his spiritual gift of compassion had been corrupted as a result of constant negative reinforcement and a significant traumatic experience as...

Image for Jesus clarifies church leader’s spiritual gift

Jesus clarifies church leader’s spiritual gift

J dealt with his conflicting emotions and thoughts by suppressing them, and gradually grew increasingly frustrated with people and angry with God. The Holy Spirt, in His grace, revealed how J was meant to be a kind and loving prophet to bring God’s truth to others and how his childhood...