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Watch: Evan Wong’s testimony

Evan Wong worked hard to please his parents and his seniors at work while suppressing his true emotions. This led him to episodes where he felt so stuck, that he could not speak. He became technically mute. Through these experiences, Evan learnt the power of prayer to help us break...

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Watch: John Ariwi’s testimony

John Ariwi had been a Christian for nearly 50 years, but it wasn’t until he made time to be still before God during a time of fasting and self-reflection that he began to hear much more clearly from the Holy Spirit. God lovingly led him on a journey of renewal...

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Watch: Paul Jackson’s testimony

Paul Jackson found himself stuck in sinful patterns that keep recurring. Praise God that he persevered in prayer. Through a time of prayer ministry, the Holy Spirit revealed to the root of his explosive anger to Paul, who is now on a journey of recognising his anger triggers and becoming...

Image for Jesus shows ulcer colitis patient His love and healing

Watch: Brian Yau’s testimony

Brian Yau felt unloved and depressed as a result of childhood experiences. He was also diagnosed with a medical condition called ulcer colitis by the age of 25. In the midst of his struggles, God sent a friend to remind him of God’s truth and character, that He is love....