About Us

Teaching Humble Hearts aims to point disciples of Jesus towards an authentic relationship with God, and shed light on the obstacles that stand in our way. We seek to provide practical answers on how to develop the spiritual discernment, power, love, and self-control to thrive in a confusing and broken world.

2 Timothy 1:7 ESV for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.

We examine real-life issues in light of what the Bible teaches, combined with additional research, interviews and observations gathered over 15 years of discipling believers. It is our belief that:

  1. Every person is radically transformed once they personally encounter the Father’s love through His Holy Spirit.
  2. To live the abundant life that Jesus promised us, we need to practice our spiritual disciplines, renew our minds, repent of our past submission to Satan and heal from past emotional wounds.
  3. The Bible is the only source of all truth. No person or organisation can supersede the authority of God’s Word or His Holy Spirit.
  4. Every believer needs to understand and live out their spiritual authority and responsibilities on earth.

The contents of this website are presented in succinct yet substantial articles across nine categories:

Practice our faith | Renew our minds | Repent from sins | Heal from pain | Mentor others | Research on deceptions | Testimonies | Sample prayers 

Additional resources include Books and Videos.

Teaching Humble Hearts is edited by Jennifer Sum. Praise God for all those who have shared their insights and contributed greatly to the contents of this website.