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Important mentoring principles: TIPS

TIPS is an acronym for mentors who are Transparent, Intentional, Praying and Strategic. It is an easy way to remember four important mentoring principles.  (See Chinese versions: 简体中文 > 基督徒辅导 | 繁體中文 > 基督徒辅导)   1. Transparent Mentors should be prepared to be transparent and vulnerable with other people. Sharing some of our own...

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How to identify and find a mentor

We all need someone to walk alongside us in our Christian faith who will help us grow closer to God. It is especially helpful if we are mentored by good Christian role models who are spiritually mature and sound in their understanding of God’s word and His character. How do we...

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What to avoid in mentoring relationships

Mentoring someone takes some measure of wisdom and discernment. There are certainly some things we ought to avoid in mentoring relationships.  (See Chinese versions: 简体中文 > 拙劣的辅导 | 繁體中文 > 拙劣的輔導)   Quick questions to ask ourselves No matter how pressing a mentee’s request may sound like, we need to take a step back and ask...

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Ground rules in mentoring

Establishing a set of ground rules for your mentoring relationship at the onset is just a way of reassuring your mentee that some basic expectations will be met, both ways. As you commit to your mentee, he or she will be expected to do the same for you.  (See Chinese...

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How to set spiritual goals in mentoring relationships

God’s first commandment is to love Him. Hence, our ultimate goal in mentoring a believer is to show him or her how to love God and not just to elicit some behavioural changes. We may set goals that are behavioural in nature, but our ultimate aim to for them to...