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Should Christians marry non-believers?

Few people see marriage as a spiritual union. Rather, we see it as a legally-binding civil partnership between two people made on a piece of paper that can be canceled at any time. God’s Word shows us otherwise. God is the One who created marriage with the intention that we...

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God’s will for marriage, divorce, and remarriage

Divorce is on the rise. It is not unusual for people to enter into marriage nowadays with the idea, “I can always get a divorce if this marriage doesn’t work out (according to my expectations).” “Irreconcilable differences” and “failure to consummate the marriage” are grounds for divorce in court. Some couples even...

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Fostering teamwork in marriage

Marriages suffer when husbands and wives don’t see each other as playing by the same team rules. The challenge is that everyone received their training in different families of origin. How can we find the best game strategy for us to win together as husband and wife, rather than dispute...