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Image for a prayer over Christian conflict

Christian conflict

Conflicts amongst Christians can arise because of different personalities, ways, communication styles, views and spiritual maturity. God is the Creator of diversity and we are to celebrate it. Diversity, however, is also a potential source of conflict. The Bible tells us to maintain unity in the same spirit, the Spirit...

A prayer over church wounds

Church wounds

No one is perfect. Believers do make mistakes that hurt their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. To thrive in authentic godly church communities, we need draw healthy boundaries and be shrewd about whom we allow into our inner circles. Additionally, we must ensure that Satan does not use our wounds...

Image for Confessing to receive freedom

Confessing to receive freedom

Confessing our sins and saying sorry to God is an ongoing part of our journey with Him while we are on earth. Even in our relationships with people, there will be times when we do or say things that offend each other – what more when we are in a...