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Workplace idolatry 

With feng shui, new age and other idolatrous practices so rampant, it is almost impossible to work in a place that worships God only. Before Jesus left His disciples, He prayed that we would be protected from Satan while we are in this world. Let us be “wise as serpents...

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Why feng shui is unprofitable

Many people turn to feng shui with the hope of influencing the energy flow in their homes or workplaces, so they can be blessed with the best possible fortune. They orientate their interiors, move furniture around and buy objects they believe bring them good luck. Unfortunately, they miss out on the...

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Witchcraft is mainstream and dangerous

Witchcraft is defined as the “religious practice involving ritual, spells, and nature worship, usually within a pagan tradition“. Witchcraft promises people superior power or wisdom through beliefs, philosophies, idols, “energies” and signs and wonders. It appeals to man’s desire for greater knowledge, favour or control of our own lives. All these...