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Jesus shows party-goer true peace

C grew up in a troubled home and turned to alcohol and wild parties to forget her troubles. As she repented to God, she began to experience a new peace and joy, and no longer desired her past decadent lifestyle. Praise God!

Back in 2017, I committed myself to Jesus Christ during a discipleship course.

God is so good. At that time, I experienced quite a number of miraculous things so I started to want to know who God is, how powerful He is, and how He could change my life.

My ridiculous nightlife did not stop after I committed myself to Christ. I still hung out with my drinking buddies, and went to night clubs and crazy karaoke parties. I was trying to forget my unhappiness and loneliness. My family problems were a major root of my pain.

There were frequent fights and my parents argued a lot. I didn’t like staying at home, I usually escaped to my friends’ places. One day, when I looked outside the window at home, I had thought of jumping off the building. It happened several times again when I stayed alone at home. I felt miserable.

I was also aware that God did not favour yoga but I still took yoga class every day.

I clearly remember that in one aerial yoga session, I felt something strike the sole of my foot while I was resting inside the hammock. I opened my eyes immediately but there was nobody beside me. I was shocked and realised that it was Satan’s work. Notwithstanding, it didn’t diminish my enthusiasm towards yoga.

Three months later, I fell down the stairs at a night club. My ankle was swollen as large as a stone and I had to stop all exercises and social activities. Two weeks after, my wallet got stolen twice in two weeks. From this, I learned that God wanted to save his daughter from Satan who was interrupting my life more and more.

God wanted me to stop all these ungodly activities wholeheartedly but I had trouble stopping on my own.

Not long after, I joined the Love The Lord course and signed up for a renewal prayer afterwards.

Unforgiveness was the first thing we addressed at the prayer session. I always held a grudge towards my friends and family. It was literally damaging my life. A lot of hatred had built up in my heart without my realisation. After repenting to God, I felt so much joy and relief. I asked for God’s forgiveness and for Him to continue to transform my heart.

Spiritual influences from the occult were the second thing that was destroying my life. I had visited a lot of different temples and fortune-tellers, and followed a lot of divinations, superstitions, and human wisdom. And I thought I could receive happiness and health from yoga and Hindu meditation. I practiced yoga for five years but my body always got injured and suffered pain. The longer I practiced yoga, the more bondage I fell into.

Nothing could truly save me until I repented to God.

As we were cutting ungodly soul ties, my prayer counselors experienced hiccups for an hour until we finished. Something was changing in the spiritual realm, and my prayer counsellors were experiencing it, although I could not sense it.

Then a vision of white light appeared before my eyes, shining brightly. This was the first time I felt a warm, peaceful joy touch my heart.

Miraculously, my perception of nightlife completely changed after renewal prayer. I am no longer interested in visiting night clubs and feel uncomfortable with the music and environment. You know how difficult it is to get rid of a habit once you are addicted to it.

Relying on God was the only way out. I could finally leave my past social circle.

God also blessed me in other ways.

One of my prayer counselors received an image that the chains that had been tied to me were broken and gone. I had no idea what it meant until my boyfriend hugged me later that day.

Physical touch, especially hugging, has been one thing I have felt extremely uncomfortable to do at all times. That is also one of the reasons I have failed in so many relationships. When my prayer counselors gave me a warm hug before my renewal prayer, my body was as cold and hard as a stone that could not move.

When I was hugged by my boyfriend after I finished renewal prayer, I felt a significant peace, pleasantly resilient, and unusually warm. Just like how God comforts us as the Bible said.

God’s grace is sufficient and powerful to transform our hearts and physical bodies.

During the preparation for my renewal prayer, I was laid off from my company. Amazingly, I received significant peace from God during that hard time. I listened to Christian podcasts, read devotions, prayed, fasted, studied the Bible – these were my daily essentials to sustain my peace, hope, and faith in life. Thank God that my current employer offered almost double the pay package from my ex-company. God’s plan is something beyond my imagination when we maintain persistent and bold faith in God.

My journey continues and I will keep practising the things I have learned in the Love The Lord course and renewal prayer on a daily basis, and to seek God wherever I am for whatever I need.


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