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Jesus sets long-time Christian free from occult curses

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C faced unseen blocks in her relationship with God even though she had been attending church for many years. It wasn’t until she learnt to forgive her father and cut spiritual ties to her family’s idol worship and occult practices that she experienced the Holy Spirit’s joy and peace. Praise God!

My family worshiped several different Chinese idols.

My dad, in particular, worshipped Tudigong keeper of the ground, Guan Gong, and Buddha. Growing up, it was normal for me to watch him practise qigong and “dit da”, a form of traditional Chinese medicinal treatment. My dad studied under a famous fengshui master from Hong Kong and became a fengshui master himself. He also practiced face reading and various forms of sorcery. People came to consult him and called him, “master” (師傅).    

I did not realise that those practices had opened the door to unwanted spirits in our family, even if I didn’t participate in them.

This formed a hindrance for me to be fully at peace, even after I accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour many years ago.

I often felt stuck in my walk with God, especially when trying to figure out His will for my life. Sometimes, it felt like there was a wall between God and me. I didn’t know that all this had a lot to do with my family’s occult background.

My dad is very traditional and only favours sons. I am not a son.

Nothing I did growing up seemed to be good enough. I went to a high school of my parents’ choice and did well, but my efforts were not acknowledged. Even though I achieved good grades, awards, and scholarships, I never received any praise. All this seemed very unfair. I really wanted my dad’s praise and recognition.

Over the years, my anger towards my dad built up and our fights with one another became more frequent. My other siblings also had issues with my dad and our contact with him became less and less frequent. In my anger and hurt pride, I cursed my dad as “good for nothing, ignorant, and stupid.” Saying all these things did not help me feel any better.

I didn’t know that in fact, cursing my dad only brought spiritual death to myself.

Matthew 15:4 ESV  For God commanded, ‘Honor your father and your mother,’ and, ‘Whoever reviles father or mother must surely die.’

Slowly, my heart began to be filled with great bitterness and a feeling of unworthiness. I felt a constant desire to prove my worth and told myself that “I will find my self-worth my own way.” My heart became proud and hard. I was quick to judge others and found it hard to forgive them. I would get annoyed or bored easily, and disliked it when things were outside of my control. I would complain and vent to other people.

I kept masking my feelings to appear to have it all together.

Through my renewal prayer, I repented of all these. I laid down my desires for an idealistic “normal” dad, a loving family, and an ideal reconciliation. I surrendered my expectations to God and submitted to His will. I repented for saying that nobody loves my dad and forgave him in Jesus’ name. I also laid down my shame, pride and embarrassment.

Most of all, I cut spiritual ties with all the demonic spirits that came into my life through my dad’s ungodly practices and our family’s ancestral worship. I commanded all unclean and ungodly spirits that came into my life through those occult practices to leave me and never return in Jesus’ name. Afterwards, I felt much lighter, as if God lifted them away from my life.

As we expelled the spirits from my family’s occult practices, I sensed a foul smell, like sewerage.

My prayer counsellors explained that it was the stench of the demons I was smelling.

Towards the end of the prayer session, my prayer counsellors asked me to approach my Heavenly Father. I saw a vision of a brilliant Light, that was God. God showed me that He is pleased with me, and reminded me that I am His daughter.

God showed me that He wanted to give me a crown and gave me a choice of two – one that was a floral crown and another that had big jewels. Not sure which one to choose, I asked God to pick a crown for me. He gave me the crown of glittering jewels. Even though I thought it was a bit too extravagant, I felt God wanted me to have the jewels because this represented that I should show Him off proudly.

This reminded me that we can show off our identity in Christ to the world and be proud of it.

That day, I left the prayer session with a different sense of peace and happiness. It came from inside my heart, no longer a form of happiness that was only worn as a mask.


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