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Jesus begins divorced businesswoman’s healing

A carried a lot of pain from a recent divorce as well as shame from her past. Thankfully, she persisted to learn more about herself through the Love The Lord course and eventually went for a renewal prayer time of confession and repentance. Through the process, she experienced both physical and emotional healing. Praise God!

Love The Lord is a course that I took twice.

The first time I joined, I only went to the first two classes, but wasn’t able to persist through all the 16 weeks. Prior to the second time I joined, I went to a retreat and prayed for God to heal the brokenness in my heart from the things I couldn’t face, including the trauma from a previous divorce.

I was told that Love The Lord is a course where you experience a lot of vulnerability and revelation about yourself. Deep inside me, I had a lot of fear during the weeks I attended. I thought it would be a bloody revelation of my inner soul and lots of tears and pain along the way. But this wasn’t the case. Frankly speaking, the course is not easy at all. It contains a tremendous amount of information and inspiring discussions that made me think deeper about myself and my past.

Love the Lord is a course that helped me to enrich my understanding of God’s love toward me. 

I now have a better understanding of why some things are a consequence of my sins or the occult that I have done in the past, as well as what my parents have done. These are things that we might not even be aware of. 

But regardless of how many ungodly things I’ve done, God is gracious and merciful. He will forgive me when I repent. Through the renewal prayer session at the end of the course, I repented, confessed, and cut all the ungodly soul ties to my past sins. (This might sound a bit weird and funny but I enjoyed this honest conversation with God about who I was before I came to Christ.)

On the night before the renewal prayer, I caught a bad cold, with all the symptoms of a sore throat, fever, coughing, sneezing, and running nose. 

I was about to request to postpone and reschedule my prayer session. However, when I looked at my schedule, I knew it was not going to be easy. I had some upcoming commitments before I had to leave the country for a while. 

Therefore, I told the prayer counsellors about my situation and they prayed for me. 

I remember I almost felt like fainting as I walked to take the train, but as soon as I got on, a miracle happened! 

My nose was not plugged anymore and I felt a relief. Of course, the cold didn’t just go away in a second, but at least I felt I had enough strength to do the renewal prayer. Praise the Lord who heals!

I went through hours of repentance. During the session, I also prayed for my family’s salvation, especially for my father. I don’t know when and how God will do this but I trust God is working on their hearts. 

I prayed God to give me a heart that would continuously seek Him and asked Him to take away my pride. 

At the end of the session, one of the prayer counsellors told me she saw an image of Father God and me in her mind. We were together on a hill and there were stars in the sky. Around us were people with lights behind them, all shining for God. Father God was holding me, just sitting with me, loving me, and being in each other’s presence. He was admiring His lights, His creation, and the glorious daughter whom He has made. There was a light panel with different bunches of flowers and God was giving them to me; all those different bouquets. 

This was encouraging and brought a super warm feeling to me, as it echoed another image another sister-in-Christ told me she saw for me before my baptism. In that image, Jesus was giving me a bouquet of beautiful flowers with the message, “More faith, less worry. I’ve got you, My dear daughter.”

Our God didn’t just heal my cold on the day of the renewal prayer. 

He had also healed me during the 16-week course with lots of blessings. I remember that midway in the course, I received news from a friend that my ex-husband was getting married. I was angry with God, and I asked Him, “Why is it so unfair?” I shared this with other sister in my small group and we prayed together. 

As things progressed towards the end of the course, I found out that my ex-husband was in a viral video-clip where he was found cheating again on his newly-wedded wife. The wife had put the video and photos on social media. 

I was very scared that I might became a potential victim of internet bullying. I couldn’t focus at all during that class but I was able to ask my small group to pray for me. After that, I calmed down to take the appropriate actions.

This incident allowed me to once again experience God’s gracious love. 

It helped me understand that God was trying to protect me all along from an ungodly man. I learnt that sometimes when God takes away something from you, He is not harming you, but He is protecting you. The process might not be as pleasant, but when you look back after a period of time, you will see that God is gracious. Trust the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding (Proverb 3:5)

Before I took the course, I had all kinds of fearful thoughts and worries that this journey would be painful and hard to stand. But it’s not. God is a gentle God, He loves us and will not forsake us. He will not give you things that you cannot handle and will provide as you faithfully trust Him and walk along with Him.


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