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Jesus frees teacher from hidden demons

E had just suffered the sudden loss of her youngest brother through a fishing accident, which in turn, brought up many questions and hidden wounds. In spite of her doubts and skepticism, she decided to go to God for her answers. Jesus not only answered her, but He also freed her from hidden demons. Praise God!

I was skeptical about seeing visions, speaking in tongues etc.

I heard testimonies about all these during the Love The Lord course, but I was having doubts about how much I wanted to get involved. I definitely didn’t want to do a renewal prayer.

Then my dearest brother passed away suddenly in May 2019 during a fishing accident.

My world was shaken up, I was all broken. I cried nonstop day and night. Whenever I paused from doing something, my tears ran down uncontrollably. My heart was torn. There were so many questions, so many why’s, and so much pain.

I became very desperate for God and His answers.

After talking to a Christian friend, she encouraged me to go for a renewal prayer so I went, still with uncertainty, doubt, and no expectations.

A few hours before my prayer session, my heart started pounding so hard that I could even feel my hands shaking. I kept praying for my heart to not be so nervous and asked God for His peace. I thought it was because of the coffee I had that morning. But after the prayer session, I thought, “No wonder my heart was beating so hard. Something that doesn’t belong to my heart was about to be kicked out.”

On the way to prayer, I was weeping for the loss of my brother and angry at my mom at the same time.

I thought to myself and told God, “I am willing to give up, repent, and cut ungodly soul ties with everything. But there’s no way that I can forgive my mom for how much harm she has done to our family and me.”

As we started, I was guided to repent of and cut ungodly soul ties with the idol worship and witchcraft practices I had adopted from my family. There was a long list. We used a couple of hours just to cut ungodly soul ties to the occult.

At first, I didn’t feel like I was praying with authority. I was just reading. I didn’t know if it worked but I was determined to cut all ungodly soul ties with idol worshiping and all sinful acts, so I did as I was guided.

From time to time, my prayer counsellors asked me how I felt.

I told them my heart felt lighter, not as heavy as when I first came in.

Slowly, I felt like I could also breathe better. (I sometimes get a stuffy nose especially when I was sleeping and when I wake up.)

I knew I would be asked to forgive my mom. I didn’t want to. I hated my mom because she had hurt me so much throughout my life and I hated that she worshipped idols so diligently.

But I did forgive her during my renewal prayer because I accepted what my prayer counsellors said about my mom; that if she had grown up in a Christian family and loving environment, she would be different. She is just following the Chinese culture and traditions taught by my grandma and relatives. All the hurtful words and ways that my mom had said to me were not from her. They were from Satan, because of the many idols that my mom worshipped. My mom was blinded because she didn’t have God.

2 Corinthians 4:4 NIV  The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel that displays the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.

It really helped me to look at things from a different perspective.

My anger for my mom turned to compassion and I was able to forgive her.

These truths were much more powerful than the one year of professional counselling sessions that I have been to. I was able to forgive my mom – not by my own human strength but by seeing what God sees. When I fixed my eyes on God, I could forgive. Human strength is very limited. But God is unlimited.

My prayer counsellors then guided me to pray about some childhood memories, some I didn’t even remember. The Holy Spirit gave them words of knowledge. One memory was of me getting attacked by a neighbour’s rooster that was used in their idol worship. My counsellors guided me to confess how frightened I was of that rooster and how alone I felt. Actually, way before the rooster incident, I was already very scared of chickens, ducks and any bird with feathers, although I don’t even know how it started. Throughout my adulthood, I felt like I would be attacked by sparrows and pigeons on the street, even if they are at least three meters away from me. Many times, I would scream and nearly cry. But a miracle happened after my renewal prayer.

I no longer find it life-threatening to pass by a few pigeons on the street.

It feels so natural that I don’t even notice their existence. After a few encounters, I was amazed and couldn’t believe that the fear toward all feathered-animals was just gone like that. I immediately praised God. More surprisingly, during my trip to Australia early this month, I was able to go into the big birdcage at the zoo with many birds in it with excitement! Praise the Lord.

I also told my prayer counsellors that sometimes, I am woken up by a woman’s sighing in the middle of the night but I was not scared. I have God and the spirit can’t do anything to harm me. They explained that I can pray it away. So I prayed a simple prayer to rebuke and command the spirit to be silent in the name of Jesus. Praise the Lord, I have never heard the sighing noise ever since.

My brother had always been my favorite because he was the youngest in the family. Our father passed away when we were young, when he was only in grade two. That’s why I wanted to love him more because I felt like he got the least love from our father.

My brother has had some mental problems since his teenage years.

He heard noises and saw things since young, had trouble sleeping, and refused to see doctors. He only bought medicine online to fix his problems. That’s why he was into weed, drank a lot of alcohol, followed dark forces, believed in Buddhism, and spoke to spirits etc. The only thing that made him happy was spearfishing. He always went spearfishing alone for a few weeks each month. Even though we all knew it was an extremely dangerous activity, no one could stop him because that was the only thing that made him happy.

I was so sad when he died at sea. My heart was torn apart when I found out the news. Many different emotions overwhelmed me.

I was full of grudges towards my mom, feeling guilty about not caring for my brother enough and not diligently preaching the gospel to him, hurting from losing a brother, complaining to God about why He didn’t love or save my brother. Then there was my unresolved hatred toward my mom, the feeling that I hadn’t grieved properly after my father passed away, and the sorrow I felt for my two-year-old nephew who lost his father at a young age. It was all bursting out.

I cried when I sat, when I walked, when I ate, and when I slept.

Because I wanted to know more about my brother’s life, I listened to his favorite songs, read his blog over and over again, and wrote him messages after his death. I tried to think about what he thought about and talked to him as if he was still alive. I questioned why God would let go of my favorite brother’s hands when I hadn’t given up.

When the prayer counsellors asked me a few times to let go of my brother mentally and forgive God for allowing my brother’s death, I refused. I knew my brother practiced a lot of idol worship, meditated every day, and was very into television shows that communicated with the dead. But I didn’t want to cut ungodly soul ties with all these because that was what my brother was into the most.

I was afraid that letting go of the demons that my brother worshipped meant that I was letting go of my brother as well.

After a long talk with the prayer counsellors, I was finally willing to pray wholehearted to God. I told our Heavenly Father that I loved my brother, every part of him, but I hated the demons that he believed in. I didn’t want to have any connections with those evil spirits anymore.

When I started praying, my neck started losing strengthen and my head fell backward on the couch, like how people doze off on the MTR. My mind was very clear, I knew what was going on, but my head kept falling back. My neck was no support at all.

The more I prayed, the more my chest hurt. I felt like the pain was moving around my chest and to my sides, and as if something was choking my neck. It was very uncomfortable. But my mind was fully awake. Whenever I got more strength, I would try to move my head back up but very soon, my head would fall back down again. After a few times, I didn’t bother and just kept praying with my head back on the couch.

I commanded all the unclean spirits that operated in my brother to leave me immediately in the name of Jesus.

I said I hated them and I only want Jesus. I kept praying and praying. Suddenly, I felt like puking, as if something was about to come out of me. Then I coughed a few times.

I was exhausted after a long day of prayer. The prayer session lasted over seven hours. The chest pain hadn’t fully gone away, but we had to end the session. The pain lasted for a couple more days and I kept praying.

From my renewal prayer, I experienced God. Just as Job said “my ears have heard of you, but now my eyes have seen you.” Although I didn’t see or hear anything, I knew God was working. God is so powerful and He cares. This was the first time I truly witnessed so much power in the name of Jesus.

Job 42:5 NIV  My ears had heard of you but now my eyes have seen you.

It was a very unexpected praying experience and I was very thankful.

After an exhausting prayer session, I thought I would sleep very well. But I heard many different noises the whole night and couldn’t sleep. There were the sounds of a ball bouncing, curtain hitting on the window pane, raining, trees, air conditioners. Everything was extremely loud. Every time when I tried to fall asleep, very loud snoring by a man in my ear would wake me up. I was very awake the whole night.

Then a prayer counsellor shared a home cleansing prayer from the Teaching Humble Hearts website, and taught me how to rebuke and silent the noises by myself. I followed her advice the next evening and slept very well for the first time in a very long while since my brother passed away. The room was so quiet and I was so peaceful then I didn’t even realise when I fell asleep. Praise the Lord.

See sample prayer: Cleansing home

I also ended my counselling sessions and said goodbye to my counselor.

Counseling is helpful to some extent but sometimes, even my counselor said she felt helpless about my situation. She wanted to help but there was a limit to what she could do. I am thankful for my counselor because there was someone to listen and help me to identify some issues, but I also realised God is the best and the ultimate Counselor.

Isaiah 9:6 ESV  For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder, and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

I never thought I would talk to my mom again, let alone get along with her.

But God is amazing. I just came back from a short trip to Australia with my mom and my friends. My mom has never travelled that far and she was very happy.

I am thankful that God listened to my prayer. I didn’t have any fights with her during the whole trip. My mom even apologised that the noodles that she made on the day we flew were terrible. Even though it was very minor, it surprised me and meant a lot. My mom has never apologised for anything even when she knows that she is wrong. She normally gets very furious when I point out her wrongdoings, such as buying cigarettes for my brothers when they were young.

I was amazed by God when I heard her apologise to me.

During the Australia trip, she also got along with my friends. I am thankful that we all went to church on our last day in Melbourne. Although she didn’t pray with us, my mom sang during the worship service even though she didn’t know the songs. That was an improvement. I am thankful that God is working even if my mom’s heart is still hardened.

My friends also said that seeing my mom and I get along so well made them consider taking their parents on a trip too. I know it’s all by God’s grace.


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