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Image for Jessie's testimony on rebellion against authority resulting from abuse at home

Watch: Jessie’s testimony

Jessie shares about how she suffered intense abuse growing up, resulting in a defiant and rebellious attitude against all authority figures, including her pastor and elder. The Holy Spirit showed her the roots to her anger and hatred, and led Jessie on a journey of healing. Praise God! Click here to...

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Jesus leads banker to mend broken family relationships

Jesus leads banker to mend broken family relationships

L struggled with hatred towards her mother for all the cruel things she had done, including manipulating her into hating her own father and sister. As she humbled herself before God, the Holy Spirit led her on a journey of revelation, repentance, and greater compassion towards those in her own...

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Seeking inner healing through prayer

One may hear terms such as inner healing, spiritual counselling, and healing prayers within Christian circles. Unlike secular counselling, such ministries seek to free people from emotional pain and the broken patterns of this world with the help of God’s Word and the Holy Spirit. Distinctively, they involve the use...

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Self-hatred often stems from a deep sense of inade…