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Image for Andrew's testimony on releasing control to follow God

Watch: Andrew’s testimony

Andrew shares about how he strove to be in control at all times because he had learnt from his family that that was the best way to achieve stability in life, not aware that this blocked him from hearing from God. Through a time of prayer, the Holy Spirit led...

Image for watch Sara’s testimony on overcoming a critical inner voice

Watch: Sara’s testimony

Sara struggled with deep anxiety of not being good enough until the Holy Spirit opened her eyes to the spiritual strongholds that kept her in bondage and set her free. As she allowed the Holy Spirit to guide her in a time of confession and repentance, the accusing voices in...

Image for Shirley Lau's testimony on family salvation

Watch: Shirley’s testimony

Shirley grew up pleasing her parents and seeking their approval. As a result, she became very performance-oriented and struggled with trusting God to bring salvation to her family. One day, she saw Jesus speak directly to her in a vision, asking her if she would trust Him. After placing her...