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Image for Bless our pastors and ministry leaders

Bless our pastors and ministry leaders

In the age of social media, every one of us feels entitled to our own opinion. In contrast, God’s Word tells us to submit to and obey our church and ministry leaders. Otherwise, we cause those whom God has appointed to watch over us to groan with sorrow. This would...

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Following Jesus’ examples in ministry

When Jesus began His public ministry on earth, He demonstrated how we are to follow His humble heart of service with many examples and testimonies. Praise God that all ministry workers, both volunteer or full time, can learn directly from the world’s perfect High Priest. We reflect Jesus’ heart best...

Church leadership

If you ever get the opportunity to pray for a church leader, it is a chance to bless not only the leader but also their family. People who minister to others often also sacrifice time with their loved ones, so let’s not forget to bless their families and homes too....