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Church leadership

If you ever get the opportunity to pray for a church leader, it is a chance to bless not only the leader but also their family. People who minister to others often also sacrifice time with their loved ones, so let’s not forget to bless their families and homes too....

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Church staff

If you have ever been discouraged in your Christian walk, consider how our church staff and volunteers must sometimes struggle too. What an impact it would have on hundreds, if not thousands of people, in their ministries. Let’s not neglect to pray for our pastors, elders, deacons, bible study leaders, speakers, church...

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Why mentors need attitude checks

Mentoring is never about us. It’s not our skills or our success in getting others to “perform” to our expectations. It’s about pointing others towards God Almighty for all the issues and in all the areas of their lives and allowing the Holy Spirit to work in their lives. As...