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Image for Jesus softens businessman’s heart

Jesus softens businessman’s heart

L spent his life being very self-reliant and struggled with connecting with his Heavenly Father in his heart. Jesus revealed the emotional wounds and sins in his heart that had created blocks between God and him, and led him on a new path with a softened heart. Praise God! I...

Image for Jesus frees entrepreneur from self-condemnation

Jesus frees entrepreneur from self-condemnation

C served actively in church but silently struggled with self-condemnation and doubt. From a young age, he was tormented by lies from Satan that accused him of not being good enough until the truth about his value to God set him free. Praise God! For my entire life, I was...

Image for Inner vows must be revoked

Inner vows must be revoked

Inner vows are declaration or promises we make about ourselves. Inner vows will come to pass – whether they were intentional or not, remembered or not, voiced out or not. They represent us choosing our will over God’s and need to be revoked before we can experience the fullness of...