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Image for watch Sara’s testimony on overcoming a critical inner voice

Watch: Sara’s testimony

Sara struggled with deep anxiety of not being good enough until the Holy Spirit opened her eyes to the spiritual strongholds that kept her in bondage and set her free. As she allowed the Holy Spirit to guide her in a time of confession and repentance, the accusing voices in...

Image for Brian Kusunoki's video testimony

Watch: Brian’s testimony

Brian spent decades in active ministry and accomplished many things in Jesus’ name, not realising that it was at the expense of his marriage. As a result of being willing to listen to the counsel of fellow believers, Brian realised that he had been ignoring his wife’s feelings and serving...

Image for John Airwi’s video testimony

Watch: John’s testimony

John had been a Christian for nearly 50 years, but it wasn’t until he made time to be still before God during a time of fasting and self-reflection that he began to hear much more clearly from the Holy Spirit. God lovingly led him on a journey of renewal as...