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Image for 7 things that block the fruit of the Holy Spirit 

7 things that block the fruit of the Holy Spirit

Jesus came to give His followers abundant life, filled with the Fruit of the Holy Spirit, which will flow from our heart like “rivers of living water”. When we can’t seem to fully experience God’s overflowing love, joy, and peace, however, it is important to examine our lives for seven...

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Compassion can be misdirected against difficult people

Compassion is an amazing quality from God that enables us to foster deeper understanding and relationships, even with antagonistic people. By allowing the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with God’s loving compassion, we are able to move beyond anti-social behaviours to empathise with other people’s inner hurts and insecurities....

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God’s goodness

God’s Word is full of reminders of His goodness. It is powerful to pray using scripture that has been declared by millions of people for thousands of years. His Word and goodness never change. Here is a prayer for us that is adapted from Proverbs 6, Psalms 34 and 139...