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Image for How social muteness affects the Body of Christ

How social muteness affects the Body of Christ

Muteness is not always a physical condition. We can selectively stay silent on important issues or matters of the heart because of social anxiety. Talking about trivial matters feels safe but when it comes to matters of importance, we tend to self-censor and silence our voice. Such “social muteness” can...

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Watch: Bernard’s testimony

Bernard grew up with a demanding and strict father. This caused a lot of insecurity. God showed Bernard in a vision that he was unable to move forward because he was still held back by an “opened parachute” that had already landed him on the ground. God invited him to...

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Watch: Danny’s testimony

Danny grew up poor and vowed to become successful. In the process, he chased success passionately and became blinded to how he hurt his own family by neglecting their emotional needs. Danny received healing as he allowed the Holy Spirit to show him the truth in his heart that would...