Tagged: dismay

Tag: dismay

Image for a prayer to ask God for more faith


All of us have faltered in our faith at some point. We may admire the great faith and works of Jesus’ apostles. At the same time, we need to remember that they too struggled with doubt and fear – but they did not hesitate to ask God to increase their...

Image for a prayer of self-encouragement


We all need some encouragement. There will be days we face conflicts, misunderstandings, challenging conversations, impossible deadlines or struggle with finances. Whatever the case is, we can thankfully go to God’s promises and declare them over ourselves. Many of the psalms that King David wrote were prayers of encouragement to...

Image for a prayer over betrayal


Have you ever felt let down by people you trust and love? Perhaps you have been betrayed by family, friends or colleagues at work. Jesus was also betrayed by those He loved, cared for and served with. Praise God that He empathises with our personal pain. Let’s lift up our...