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Image for Tracy's testimony on bitterness

Watch: Tracy’s testimony

Tracy shares about how she began to heal from the bitterness she accumulated from childhood experiences of rejection as she allowed God’s truth and presence to heal her heart. Praise God! Click here to go to our YouTube channel. Video transcript I began to choose to turn away from the sinful views,...

Image for testimony about fear of love and loss

Watch: Z’s testimony

Z describes how she came to believe that bad things happen to the things or people she loved as a result of experiencing several losses in childhood and not learning how to grieve over them. She often discounted the love others gave her and was even afraid to love herself....

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Watch: Debbie’s testimony

Debbie shares how she realised she needed to heal from childhood hurts and forgive others in order to have healthy relationships with those who have hurt her and with friends and family. Once she began her healing, she gradually learnt to trust God’s promises and provisions much more fully. Praise...