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Image for Jesus reveals demonic worship in lawyer's ancestry

Jesus reveals demonic worship in lawyer’s ancestry

F struggled to grow in her relationship with God despite earnestly trying her best. Here is her testimony of how Jesus released her from generational curses as a result of ancestral demonic worship. Today, she experiences greater intimacy and spiritual freedom with God. Praise God. The first time I heard...

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Breaking generational curses

Every family is defined by its biological and spiritual roots. Nowadays, we don’t make much effort to examine our family tree or try to understand our spiritual heritage. If we did, we may notice the passing of blessings or curses from one generation to another. How do we break generational...

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Names can bless or curse

Our names are significant, because they reflect our parents’ thoughts about and desires for us. Out of their hearts, they can unintentionally speak a blessing or a curse over us.   Luke 6:45 ESV  The good person out of the good treasure of his heart produces good, and the evil...

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Recognising and breaking word curses

Word curses recorded in the Bible have all led to spiritual or physical troubles. In secular superstitious circles, curses are said to bring “bad luck”. Praise God that His Word shows us how to recognise and break curses spoken over our lives.   God’s Word warns us against cursing other people, because...

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Ambition is a double-edged sword

We are all told to aim higher in life. Ambition is healthy when it helps us achieve goals that are a blessing to others. Unfortunately, ambition becomes unhealthy when we make it all about ourselves. The Bible calls selfish ambition “unspiritual” and “demonic”. It creates a playground for Satan to...

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God’s goodness

God’s Word is full of reminders of His goodness. It is powerful to pray using scripture that has been declared by millions of people for thousands of years. His Word and goodness never change. Here is a prayer for us that is adapted from Proverbs 6, Psalms 34 and 139...