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Image for Tracy's testimony on bitterness

Watch: Tracy’s testimony

Tracy shares about how she began to heal from the bitterness she accumulated from childhood experiences of rejection as she allowed God’s truth and presence to heal her heart. Praise God! https://youtu.be/2sgVz36NdjY Click here to go to our YouTube channel. Video transcript I began to choose to turn away from the sinful...

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Jesus heals teacher of self-hatred

J struggled to love herself and her body, and was caught up in a vicious cycle of trying to improve her appearance. God led her to a time of prayer and confession, and showed her that her self-rejection was rooted in the many criticisms she and her sister received growing...

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Jesus redeems lawyer’s bitterness towards men

K’s unhealthy views of men and relationships stemmed from her parents’ abusive and bitter relationship. As a result, she came to believe many subconscious lies about herself and how to relate with the opposite sex. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit revealed God’s truths to her and set her free during prayer...