Image for Love the Lord discipleship course lesson 6 - Humbling our hearts before God

Lesson 6 | Humbling our hearts before God

Summary of key points
  1. We worship a God who is humble.
  2. God calls us to follow His example of humility.
  3. Humility brings wisdom, riches, honour and long life.
  4. Pride is based on insecurity and fears. Pride does not trust God.
  5. Humility is not about putting yourself down or being stepped on by other people.
  6. Humility is about trusting and obeying God, and dying to our fears.
Group reflection questions
  1. Who are some people you find it the hardest to be humble around?
  2. Please ask the Holy Spirit to show you why.

Download the PDF of the transcript here: Love the Lord lesson 6 lesson notes


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