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Jesus heals manager from impact of pharmakeia

K was infected with Covid in early 2023 after taking the full dose of mRNA vaccines previously. As she came across some research about our DNA and the vaccine’s impact on it, she was convicted to repent of taking the covid vaccination and submitting to fear, and be baptised to cleanse her body in Jesus’ name. In doing so, she experienced physical healing of her menstrual cycle, her knee pain, and fatigue. Praise God!

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Back in 2021, the decision of whether to take the Covid vaccine was such a hot topic of discussion.

It even led to heated debates among friends and family. Should we take it and if so, which one to take?  

It was a personal struggle for me. I heard about the health and spiritual implication of this vaccine. However, out of laziness, I did not research on the topic further. Out of a fear of people (government and peers) and social conformity, I finally chose the most convenient way out and took the vaccine in the summer that year. I took three jabs in total and was fine, except that my mensural cycles were upset for a few months.

Eventually, I got infected with Covid in January 2023 and recovered from it in around 10-12 days. However, after recovering, I felt persistently tired, so much so that I needed extra effort just to keep my normal day going. 

I was so reluctant to have any social activities. All I wanted was to stay home and rest.  

God is gracious and “did the research for me” by showing me information about my body through a conversation with a friend during a Chinese New Year gathering. It was during the conversation that my eyes were opened, and I was convicted about a couple of things.

Firstly, it seems our DNA may actually bear God’s name. We heard that when magnified, the sulphuric bridges in our DNA can sometimes show certain patterns that mimic the following pattern: every 10 acids, there is a bridge, every 5 acids a bridge, every 6 acids a bridge, and again every 5 acids another bridge. In other words, at a rate of 10-5-6-5, which is the numerical digit of Y-H-W-H, the Hebrew name for God.

Could this just be a coincidence? 

While more research needs to be done in this area, it made me remember that the Bible has said that we are created in God’s image. Whether the DNA finding is accurate or not, it helped me start to think about God’s hand in my creation. This was an abstract concept to me, but now, I started to think about it more carefully.

I am in awe of God’s clever creation and how intimate we are with Him and to have His personal design in the very core of our being.

Secondly, the mRNA technique alters our DNA’s behaviour. This essentially defiles God’s design in my body, the temple of the Holy Spirit.

After my eyes were opened, my friend and I were soon in prayer to confess and repent of taking the vaccines, including this covid one and all the past ones I had been given since I was small or required when traveling.

However, a thought kept coming into my mind; that I was only praying as a formality. An inner voice was accusing my sincerity to approach God! Together with the Holy Spirit’s help, we discerned the work of the spirit of Baal. I then prayed to cast out the spirit of Baal (pagan god of fertility and lord). Subsequently, I was able to continue to pray the following:

  • Cut spiritual ties with pharmaceutical companies
  • Confess and repent of bowing down to the spirit of pharmakiea and cast out this spirit 
  • Ask God to restore my DNA and my body
  • Confess and repent of the fear I had associated with body checks

I was convicted that I had given the authority of life and death over my life to the checkup report, medical organisations, and doctors, instead of to God.

This gave me a great freedom as I was haunted by this fear for years since I lost my mom to lung cancer some 18 years ago.

After the repentance prayer, my tiredness improved but lingered on for a few days. So, when a few friends with similar convictions invited me to have a group baptism, I decided to join to:

  • Cleanse myself of the sins related to the above 
  • Ask God to restore my body in regards to the remaining tiredness
  • Ask God to heal me of a knee injury that had been hurting for a few months at that point of time (I usually have my quiet time with God when running daily and the knee injury had also affected my quiet time routine)
  • Take an action as a way to declare my true repentance to God and myself

We prayed together and baptised one another on the beach one cool winter day.

Praise God!  After baptism, I have received a few physical healings. 

There was no more tiredness, not even any lingering. My menstrual cycles went back to their normal frequency. My knee became pain free, and I was able to start with light runs and bike rides again. Now, I am back to my normal running capacity, in terms of distance and pace.  

An interesting point to note is that when I was about to write down the key points of this testimony, my knee experienced some tightness, although not exactly the same level of pain as before. This caused me to doubt my healing and if my testimony was valid.

However, once I completed writing down all the points for this testimony, the unpleasant tightness around my knee was gone! 

I also experienced another upset menstrual cycle as I began to write this testimony. However, as with previous experience, I have faith that it’s just a distraction to keep me from sharing my testimony of God’s healing from the Covid vaccine and other things related to pharmakeia. 

Through the whole journey, I have learnt firsthand that the enemy has cunningly infiltrated into our daily life and the things that we take for granted as “normal”.  If we are not careful, we fall prey to the enemy’s plan to steal, kill and destroy. In this case, it’s the spirit of pharmakiea scheming to defile God’s artwork in our body, the temple of God.

Ephesians 2:10 ESV  For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.

However, we have a gracious God who is victorious and gives us life! Praise God!

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