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Jesus frees counselor from spiritual blocks

C had been a Christian for many years. Having studied counseling, she faithfully served at church and offered her counseling skills for free to fellow believers. Here is her testimony of being delivered of spiritual strongholds through prayer and receiving a renewed spirit through Jesus. Praise God! In my 20-plus...

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It only takes one minute to search online to see that yoga is a Hindu spiritual discipline. Many Christians have fallen for marketing messages that say that yoga is good for flexibility and beauty, and unknowingly bowed before idolatrous teachings and offended their Creator. Praise God that He will forgive us for posturing...

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Chanting dulls the mind

God instructs us to meditate on His Word. The original Hebrew Word for “meditate” also means to “mutter, roar, speak, talk, or utter”. In Joshua 1:8, God calls us to mutter His Word to ourselves day and night. World religions also teach their followers to mutter prayers, mantras or sounds....

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Yoga is a dangerous spiritual discipline

Yoga is hugely popular for its benefits to the body’s physical flexibility and strength. There is much debate about whether it is purely a fitness regime or not. Hence, it is worthy to note that Hindus lay claim to yoga and object to its marketing as being purely for health...

Image for Jesus sets IT manager free from nightmares

Jesus sets IT manager free from nightmares

W had been enthusiastically learning about God after she accepted Christ at an Alpha course nearly two years earlier, but spiritual joy and freedom kept eluding her. Here is her story of finally being able to draw close to her Heavenly Father after cutting all ties with the Hindu spirits...

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Curses of idolatry

Many of us have burnt joss-sticks in temples, made polite bows at graves or altars, prayed to dead “saints” or “Mother Mary”, kowtowed to a martial arts guardian deity, worshipped the Hindu kundalini spirit through yoga etc. – without knowing these are things that offend God. We may have even brought...