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Spiritual pitfalls of chasing financial security

God is not against wealth. Many great men of God were very wealthy; King David, King Solomon, Job, and Abraham. But God does not want us to spend our mental and physical energies chasing money in the name of “financial security”. That is when we place more faith in money...

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Four lessons about money

God promises to take care of all our needs. Yet with all the advertisements, warnings and advice we get, many Christians unknowingly carry a “spirit of poverty” and feel insecure about their futures. Why are so many of us needlessly worrying about and in bondage to money?   Matthew 6:31-33...

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Perhaps one of the most difficult things to do as parents is to not worry about our children. Will they grow up healthy? Are they receiving the right education? Who are their friends and how are they being influenced outside the home? Will we be able to support them and...