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Why feng shui is unprofitable

Many people turn to feng shui with the hope of influencing the energy flow in their homes or workplaces, so they can be blessed with the best possible fortune. They orientate their interiors, move furniture around and buy objects they believe bring them good luck. Unfortunately, they miss out on the...

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Cleansing workplace

We are often unaware of the spiritual dimensions at our workplaces. Many places of business in Asia have been prayed over by chanting monks, feng shui masters or mediums and are homes to lucky charms, superstitions, sprinkled blood, animal sacrifices and rituals. Perhaps these occur so often around us that...

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Work politics

No one wants enemies at work. There will be people who simply oppose what we do or stand for. When the work politics gets really bad, we may be tempted to question God’s goodness or to pray for another job. It can be comforting to know that ultimately, judgment is in...