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Image for Reading the Bible with God's Spirit

Reading the Bible with God’s Spirit

Jesus is described as the Word of life who came to earth in human form to reveal God’s glory and truth. How we approach the Word will also affect our relationship with God. When we read the Bible with the expectation to have an encounter with God, we will. When...

Image for Spot the lie in popular catchphrases

Spot the lie in popular catchphrases

The Bible is full of wisdom sayings that give us the insight, knowledge and discernment to live disciplined and successful lives. God’s definition of wisdom and success is for us to do what is honourable, just, and fair. The world is also filled with pithy throw-away lines that sound like wisdom, but...

Image for Recognising and breaking word curses

Recognising and breaking word curses

Word curses recorded in the Bible have all led to spiritual or physical troubles. In secular superstitious circles, curses are said to bring “bad luck”. Praise God that His Word shows us how to recognise and break curses spoken over our lives.   God’s Word warns us against cursing other people, because...