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18 Bible teaching tips for facilitators

It can be nerve wrecking to teach or facilitate a Bible-based class for the first time. After all, God’s Word reminds us that those who teach will be placed under greater scrutiny. Not only do we need to ensure that we represent God‘s character and intentions accurately, we must check...

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Following Jesus’ examples in ministry

When Jesus began His public ministry on earth, He demonstrated how we are to follow His humble heart of service with many examples and testimonies. Praise God that all ministry workers, both volunteer or full time, can learn directly from the world’s perfect High Priest. We reflect Jesus’ heart best...

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Sharpening our spiritual gifts

Jesus came to restore our relationship with God. He equips every believer with spirituals gifts so that we are able to continue His critical mission to reconcile the lost and hurting to Him. Let us actively sharpen our gifts, and not squander them, or worse, use them against God’s will....