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Image for “Please vent to God”

Please vent to God, not to people

Venting and articulating our inner frustrations and hurts helps release our emotional pains. Our bodies need a way to let our negative emotions out and not suppress them. There are, however, godly and ungodly ways to “let off steam“. It may surprise us to know that the healthy way to...

Image for Communications that keep marriage sweet

Communications that keep marriage sweet

The Bible says that we have the power to speak life or death into our marriages. The words we speak will reveal the subconscious motivations of our hearts. Our spouses will know when we speak with love or judgement towards them. Do our words ultimately build up or tear down?...

Image for Inner vows must be revoked

Inner vows must be revoked

Inner vows are declaration or promises we make about ourselves. Inner vows will come to pass – whether they were intentional or not, remembered or not, voiced out or not. They represent us choosing our will over God’s and need to be revoked before we can experience the fullness of...

Image for Learning to speak the truth in love

Learning to speak the truth in love

We called to “speak the truth in love”. Indeed, there are Christians whose words are gracious and loving all of the time. Their speech is packed with authority and wisdom, yet is delivered with tender humility. They are always well received and welcomed – even when they are admonishing or...


Useful listening skills for mentors

Jesus spent a lot of time listening to people. He didn’t just listen to the words that people said, He also observed the conditions of their hearts. What can we learn from Jesus? Here are some useful listening skills for mentors. (See Chinese versions: 简体中文 > 如何用心聆听 | 繁體中文 > 如何用心聆聽)   Matthew...