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Image for Reading the Bible with God's Spirit

Reading the Bible with God’s Spirit

Jesus is described as the Word of life who came to earth in human form to reveal God’s glory and truth. How we approach the Word will also affect our relationship with God. When we read the Bible with the expectation to have an encounter with God, we will. When...

Image fortumbling blocks to breaking sinful patterns

Stumbling blocks to breaking sinful patterns

Jesus came to set us free from bondage to sin. To break free from cycles of sinful patterns, we first need to remove the stumbling blocks in our minds that prevent us from walking in spiritual freedom. What are some typical spiritual stumbling blocks?   The powerful Holy Spirit that raised Jesus...

Image for Experience the joy of meditating on God's Word

The joy of meditating on God’s Word

Many people can tell you what’s on the menus at McDonald’s or Starbucks better than they can recite 20 Bible verses. Yet it is those who have made it a practice of meditating on God’s Word that have the joy, hope and peace that this world is so hungry for.  ...