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Image for Homosexuality is not an identity issue

Homosexuality is not an identity issue

This post on same-sex attraction seeks to provide a loving and hopefully, constructive platform for those who are uncertain about their sexual orientation in light of God’s Word. It is for those who place their faith and hope in the God of the Bible but are unsure how their sexual...

Image for Qi energy leads us away from God

Qi energy leads us away from God

Qi (or chi) refers to the circulating life force or vital energy that is central to Chinese medical treatments, exercise and self-defence. This is counter to the Holy Spirit, who is breath of God and His life-force. Whenever we turn to acupuncture (针刺), Chinese medicine, fengshui (风水), qigong (气功), tai chi (太极拳), foot reflexology (足底按摩), tuina...

End times

Are you saddened and disturbed by all that’s happening around the world these days? Jesus personally spoke about the signs of the end times and explained that such things were the “birth pangs” of the end of this world. Because He loves us, God has provided repeated warnings in both the...