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Image for Jesus heals mother of childhood fears

Jesus heals mother of childhood fears

N is a mother of two who wanted to lead her children toward God but struggled with her role as a parent. Here is her testimony of realising the root of her struggles and being set free to love her family in greater joy, purity, and freedom. Praise God! How...

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10 ways to reflect God’s humility

Jesus, in all His magnificent power and glory, is so perfectly assured and secure in who He is that He has no qualms in comparing Himself to a gentle baby lamb. This is the beauty of God’s humility. Human beings, on the other hand, are driven by a constant need to...

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The urgent truth about repentance

When Jesus was on earth, He repeatedly called all people to repent of their sins. He didn’t preach much about God’s love, blessings or prosperity. Jesus’ central message was “repent!” God places so much importance on repentance that Jesus died on the cross, to make repentance possible. Have we missed...

Image Understanding God’s forgiveness

Understanding God’s forgiveness

Many believers carry a shadow of shame that sounds like this, “If a sinful person like me wouldn’t even let myself off for my wrongs, why would a righteous, perfect God forgive me?” When we don’t understand God’s love and forgiveness, we continue to condemn ourselves.   Understanding God’s character When...