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Tag: relatives

Image for prayer over in laws


In marriage, we are not only united with our spouse, but also our in-laws. The Bible shows us that our relationship with God comes first, followed by our marriage and then our extended family – not the other way around. There may be times when we will have to honour God above...

Image for a prayer over betrayal


Have you ever felt let down by people you trust and love? Perhaps you have been betrayed by family, friends or colleagues at work. Jesus was also betrayed by those He loved, cared for and served with. Praise God that He empathises with our personal pain. Let’s lift up our...

Image for a prayer over family strife

Family strife

Are the relationships in your family fractured, traumatic, painful and full of strife? Let’s never lose hope in what the great Creator of families can do for us. Know that challenging situations are opportunities for our loving Father in heaven to turn our family from darkness into light, from mourning into...