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Hatred has a purpose

Hatred seems inconsistent with a God who loves mankind immensely. Yet it is precisely because God loves us so much that He hates the evil attitudes and behaviours that keep us away from Him. Made in God’s image, we too have the propensity to hate. Hatred is a powerful “murder...

End times

Are you saddened and disturbed by all that’s happening around the world these days? Jesus personally spoke about the signs of the end times and explained that such things were the “birth pangs” of the end of this world. Because He loves us, God has provided repeated warnings in both the...

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How God uses suffering in our lives

Suffering is like the chemotherapy that destroys the cancer of sinfulness in our lives. We can emerge from the “treatment” free of a particular type of “cancer” such as pride, fear or rebellion, or we can fall back into the deathly sickness of sin when we don’t learn the lessons...