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Image for a prayer to praise God

Praise God

Anyone who has humbly drawn close to God has nothing but awe, gratitude and praise for the Almighty. He is so magnificent, powerful and holy yet so gentle, patient and kind. His love is perfect and all His ways are good. He is worthy of all praise!   Psalm 145:3...

Image for a prayer for healing


Jesus gave us the authority to heal “every disease and every affliction” in Jesus’ name. Asking for healing is not based on how good we are, but on how good God is. Let us put aside any doubt and unbelief and ask our loving Father in heaven for His healing...

Image for a prayer at Easter


Easter is a good time to reflect on what Jesus has done for us on the cross at Calvary. Let us turn our eyes to our loving Father and remember His great incredible sacrifice for us. Jesus is worthy of all worship forever.   Revelation 5:13 ESV  And I heard every...