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Image for Sharing God’s great gift of empathy

Sharing God’s great gift of empathy

Most people go through life feeling alone. We may be surrounded by large crowds and people who care for us. We may intellectually know that God is always with us. Yet we can still feel lonely inside and silently long for a deeper connection with our fellow human beings. God...

Image for Vocabulary to unplug buried emotions and receive God’s healing

Vocabulary to unplug buried emotions and receive God’s healing

Growing up, very few of us experienced “emotional schooling”, where we were taught how to pinpoint and address unpleasant feelings in healthy ways. As a result, we may have simply ignored or stuffed down unpleasant emotions, thereby unintentionally collecting a hidden archive of painful memories. To receive healing through the...

Image for A prayer over relationship breakup


We have all experienced the devastating pain of broken relationships, either through irreconcilable differences, migration, separation, or divorce. Research has shown that emotional pain can be as real as physical pain. How do we pray when our broken hearts are physically hurting, and it seems as if all hope has...

Image for Avoiding infections from toxic people

Avoiding infections from toxic people

Wounded people with unhealed emotional poisons will inadvertently infect others with their toxins. Those who constantly defile others with their bitterness are known as toxic people. How can we love toxic people while avoiding ungodly infections from them?   Hebrews 12:15 ESV  See to it that no one fails to...

Image for a prayer over family strife

Family strife

Are the relationships in your family fractured, traumatic, painful and full of strife? Let’s never lose hope in what the great Creator of families can do for us. Know that challenging situations are opportunities for our loving Father in heaven to turn our family from darkness into light, from mourning into...