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Image for Our relationship with our governments

Our relationship with our governments

God’s people were under heavy political oppression when Jesus was on earth. Many Jews expected Him to take over their government. In fact, they wanted to “take Him by force to make Him king”. Yet Jesus withdrew from such advances and secluded Himself in a mountain. What’s more, He submitted...

Image for Remember our deliverance at Communion

Remember our deliverance at Communion

Jesus introduced Communion to His disciples at Passover, the festival where Jews solemnly remember their forefathers’ deliverance from slavery in Egypt to their Promised Land. Unleavened bread and wine are usually taken at Passover. In a way, Communion is like a Christian Passover, where we remember our deliverance from enslavement...

Image for a prayer for cleansing nightmares

Cleansing nightmares

Why do nightmares occur when the Bible says that God will give us peaceful sleep? Sweet sleep is the result of full obedience to God in our conscience. Conversely, nightmares may be the result of spiritual oppression. Some entry points include unconfessed sin, suppressed emotions, traumatic experiences, self-hatred, curses and...