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Image for Chanting dulls the mind

Chanting dulls the mind

God instructs us to meditate on His Word. The original Hebrew Word for “meditate” also means to “mutter, roar, speak, talk, or utter”. In Joshua 1:8, God calls us to mutter His Word to ourselves day and night. World religions also teach their followers to mutter prayers, mantras or sounds....

Image for Jesus reveals demonic worship in lawyer's ancestry

Jesus reveals demonic worship in lawyer’s ancestry

F struggled to grow in her relationship with God despite earnestly trying her best. Here is her testimony of how Jesus released her from generational curses as a result of ancestral demonic worship. Today, she experiences greater intimacy and spiritual freedom with God. Praise God. The first time I heard...

Image for Baby dedications must be renewed

Baby dedications must be renewed

The Bible records Jesus as being presented at the temple in Jerusalem to be set apart as holy for the Lord. This practice of baby dedication is still prevalent today and practised by various religions, both Christian and otherwise. Some baby dedications are occult based and must be renewed.  ...