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Image for Lies we believe from horror stories 

Lies we believe from horror stories 

Ask anyone how he or she would react if they saw a demon, and the usual reply would be one of dread and fear. Such reactions are heavily influenced by horror movies and ghost stories. Sadly, we have fallen for too many lies about evil spirits. The true story from the Bible is...

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Demonic nightmares can be stopped

God promises all believers sweet sleep. Vivid, frightening nightmares however, point to emotional strongholds that haven’t been submitted to God and demonic interference into God’s sweet rest for us. Thankfully, demonic nightmares can be stopped in the name of Jesus Christ. We simply need to arm ourselves with the right...

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Cleansing nightmares

Why do nightmares occur when the Bible says that God will give us peaceful sleep? Sweet sleep is the result of full obedience to God in our conscience. Conversely, nightmares may be the result of spiritual oppression. Some entry points include unconfessed sin, suppressed emotions, traumatic experiences, self-hatred, curses and...

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Jesus sets IT manager free from nightmares

W had been enthusiastically learning about God after she accepted Christ at an Alpha course nearly two years earlier, but spiritual joy and freedom kept eluding her. Here is her story of finally being able to draw close to her Heavenly Father after cutting all ties with the Hindu spirits...