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Image for Managing money God’s way

Managing money God’s way

God owns and watches over everything on earth, including the world’s money. He is the One who gives us the ability to gather resources to earn money. Our Heavenly Father also knows that we have a tendency to mismanage our resources and be seduced by the more destructive aspects of money....

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The dangerous pursuit of happiness

Many of us have bought into the world’s view of happiness, which entails being secure, popular, entertained, in a relationship and self-fulfilled. Happiness, as the world preaches, may look fulfilling on the outside but is ultimately temporal. Deep contentment can only be found by resting in God’s unmovable love, peace,...

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Four lessons about money

God promises to take care of all our needs. Yet with all the advertisements, warnings and advice we get, many Christians unknowingly carry a “spirit of poverty” and feel insecure about their futures. Why are so many of us needlessly worrying about and in bondage to money?   Matthew 6:31-33...

Image for Ambition is a double-edged sword

Ambition is a double-edged sword

We are all told to aim higher in life. Ambition is healthy when it helps us achieve goals that are a blessing to others. Unfortunately, ambition becomes unhealthy when we make it all about ourselves. The Bible calls selfish ambition “unspiritual” and “demonic”. It creates a playground for Satan to...

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Cleansing workplace

We are often unaware of the spiritual dimensions at our workplaces. Many places of business in Asia have been prayed over by chanting monks, feng shui masters or mediums and are homes to lucky charms, superstitions, sprinkled blood, animal sacrifices and rituals. Perhaps these occur so often around us that...

Image for The myths behind materialism 

The myths behind materialism 

Have you ever heard the phrase, “whoever said money can’t buy happiness doesn’t know where to shop”? Every day, we are bombarded with messages that suggest that we need to have certain things in order to be happy and valuable. Materialism is a powerful religion that has many faithful followers....