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Chanting dulls the mind

God instructs us to meditate on His Word. The original Hebrew Word for “meditate” also means to “mutter, roar, speak, talk, or utter”. In Joshua 1:8, God calls us to mutter His Word to ourselves day and night. World religions also teach their followers to mutter prayers, mantras or sounds....

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Meditation can corrupt

The world has embraced various forms of meditation that focus either on the present, emptying our minds or repeating a mantra. This is very different from what the Bible teaches about meditation. Biblical meditation is a focused contemplation of God; where we pray to our Heavenly Father and receive spiritual encouragement and revelation through...

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We can often “go with the flow” of life, without noticing that we could actually be drifting away from God. It is critical that we ask God regularly for His take on the direction of our lives and to give us fresh eyes to see ourselves as He sees us....

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Practical ways to nurture time with God

Jesus Christ ministered to thousands of people but He also spent substantial amounts of time alone with Father God. We often neglect to set time aside to revel in the Father’s love and draw upon His strength. This opens the door to all sorts of traps for failure and fatigue. Like...

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The joy of meditating on God’s Word

Many people can tell you what’s on the menus at McDonald’s or Starbucks better than they can recite 20 Bible verses. Yet it is those who have made it a practice of meditating on God’s Word that have the joy, hope and peace that this world is so hungry for.  ...