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Image for Experiencing God’s love

Experiencing God’s love 

God’s love is perfect. He is full of grace, love and compassion and will never forsake us. Yet every one of us has had a broken image of God at one time or other. How can we know God’s love in our hearts, and not just in our heads? (See Chinese...

Image for a prayer of self-encouragement


We all need some encouragement. There will be days we face conflicts, misunderstandings, challenging conversations, impossible deadlines or struggle with finances. Whatever the case is, we can thankfully go to God’s promises and declare them over ourselves. Many of the psalms that King David wrote were prayers of encouragement to...

Image for a prayer for loving others

Loving others

We break God’s law when we refuse to love others as we love ourselves. Whether it is loving our family, friends, colleagues or even strangers, we are to love other people so well that they experience God’s love firsthand through us. This is how we prove that our faith is...