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There is nothing in creation, big or small, that God has not personally woven together. That includes every molecule and cell that forms our DNA. God knits each child in its womb, gives it a heavenly name, plans its life ahead, and cares intensely for it. The world, however, preaches...

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Living in our spiritual inheritance

Jesus Christ came to earth to share His spiritual inheritance with His followers. We may not escape pain and suffering in life, but our lives can begin to reflect God’s image and holiness now. What should a life that is a reflection of our spiritual heritage look like?   Spiritual inheritance...

Image for How cultural values impact our relationship with God

How cultural values impact our relationship with God

Every culture has its own set of values, passed down from one generation to another. If we ask our families why we follow certain cultural norms, the typical answer would be, “it’s just how things have always been”. A problem arises when our cultural values conflict with God’s will for us....

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Jesus humbled Himself to die a painful death on the cross for our sakes. Because He took on this meekness, God exalted Him and gave Him the name that is above all names. God on the other hand, hates pride. There is nothing we can say, do or think that...

teachinghumblehearts_Satan’s dangerous web of “advice”

Satan’s dangerous web of “advice”

We will live with more joy and fulfilment if we are able to discern the lies that the devil lays in front of us. The world is full of life “advice” that teaches us to idolise ourselves. Such idolatry will eventually lead to our spiritual death. How do we ensure...

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Everyone who calls themselves a Christian is in essence a teacher of the faith, because we represent God to the outside world. What we say and do is a testimony to our faith and beliefs. To honour our Heavenly Father’s great love and compassion for all mankind, let us represent...