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Image for Toxic parents who bring us pain

Toxic parents who bring us pain

God calls us to honour our parents. What if they are also the source of our greatest pain? Some parents rule their families through poisonous manipulation, intimidation and fear. This leaves many with conflicted emotions; frustration, anger, resentment, desperation, guilt, respect and affection towards their parents. How can we reconcile our...

Image for Jesus frees entrepreneur from hopelessness

Jesus frees entrepreneur from hopelessness

S is a talented, enterprising and hard-working entrepreneur. Yet she was plagued by thoughts of failure and unworthiness. Here is her story of being set free from the lies that Satan has formed in her mind because of ungodly inner vows she had made about her own life. Praise God!...

Image for When comparisons become sinful

When comparisons become sinful

Comparison is a form of social learning. When we use it to ask ourselves, “How can I be more like Jesus?”, it helps us grow to become more Christlike. If we use it to judge and envy other people with statements such as; “I am better than that” or “Why...

Image for a prayer for our government


There are all sorts of political leaders, both good and bad. Whenever we see the politicians who profess to work for the public interest but who undeniably do what serves themselves first, we can not help but be disappointed. God expects us to put our political views to one side, and...