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Image for A prayer over our work politics

Work politics

No one wants enemies at work. There will be people who simply oppose what we do or stand for. When the work politics gets really bad, we may be tempted to question God’s goodness or to pray for another job. It can be comforting to know that ultimately, judgment is in...

Image for Surviving work politics

Surviving work politics

Jesus was plagued by politics. Everywhere that He went, there were people who didn’t like His agenda and spelt a lot of time gossiping, maligning Him and plotting for his downfall. Does this sound anything like our workplaces? What can we learn about dealing with office politics?   In any occupation...

Image for Work testimony

Work testimony

Our jobs provide us with wonderful opportunities to demonstrate godly values at work and what it means to have peace beyond understanding. There may be days, however, when our “to do” lists seem overwhelming, our bosses unreasonable and our co-workers uncooperative. We may even feel like throwing in the towel...