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Image for Jesus heals manager's grief over parental pressures

Jesus heals manager’s grief over parental pressures

A didn’t realise that her subconscious need to constantly win other people’s approval stemmed from feeling that her parents do not fully accept her. Here is her testimony of receiving God’s comfort and affirmation and releasing her suppressed pain. Praise God! Even though I was going through the motions of being...

Image for prayer for marriage


God’s model marriage calls for sacrificial love, great patience and deep courage of heart. Becoming one as the Bible describes requires some ‘open heart surgery’. We must allow Him to change our hearts so that we love others selflessly, and trust Him to transform both husband and wife into His image. It...

Image for Jesus sets business advisor free from anger

Jesus sets business advisor free from anger

J is a business advisor who privately struggled with unpredictable bouts of anger. Here is his testimony of recognising how his unhealed father wound still haunted his thoughts and behaviour as an adult and the healing he experienced through Jesus Christ. Praise God! My anger was often unpredictable and irrational. People...