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Image for Jesus brings lawyer new life and confidence

Jesus brings lawyer new life and confidence

S is a lawyer who worshipped idols and believed in superstitions as she attended church. As a result, the initial joy she experienced after accepting Jesus as her Saviour was stolen away. Here is her testimony of being renewed through prayer and learning her authority in Jesus Christ. Praise God!...

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It only takes one minute to search online to see that yoga is a Hindu spiritual discipline. Many Christians have fallen for marketing messages that say that yoga is good for flexibility and beauty, and unknowingly bowed before idolatrous teachings and offended their Creator. Praise God that He will forgive us for posturing...

Image for 4 ways we unknowingly idolise our parents

4 ways we unknowingly idolise our parents

Anyone who sets a benchmark for how we live our lives becomes our idol – and that includes our parents. Whether we accept or avoid their desires and patterns, our focus is invariably fixed on people, rather than on our Heavenly Father. Earthly fathers and mothers become our idols when they...

Image for Jesus reveals demonic worship in lawyer's ancestry

Jesus reveals demonic worship in lawyer’s ancestry

F struggled to grow in her relationship with God despite earnestly trying her best. Here is her testimony of how Jesus released her from generational curses as a result of ancestral demonic worship. Today, she experiences greater intimacy and spiritual freedom with God. Praise God. The first time I heard...

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Curses of idolatry

Many of us have burnt joss-sticks in temples, made polite bows at graves or altars, prayed to dead “saints” or “Mother Mary”, kowtowed to a martial arts guardian deity, worshipped the Hindu kundalini spirit through yoga etc. – without knowing these are things that offend God. We may have even brought...