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Jesus reveals spiritual blindspot to charity advisor

Jesus reveals spiritual blindspot to charity advisor

O was born into a Christian family and assumed her parents had all the answers on life and faith. Here is her testimony of realising that no human being can set the standard for perfect love, holiness and grace. Only God can. O has now learnt to worship her Heavenly...

Image for Jesus did not die for our religion

Jesus did not die for our religion

Jesus came to restore us to a deep and fulfilling relationship with our Heavenly Father. Yet our attention often turns first to our church traditions, rules, and leaders before our relationship with God Almighty. Religion, or man-made worship systems, draws us into church buildings but not necessarily closer to God.  ...

Image for Restoring our broken images of God

Our broken images of God

Christian prayers end “in Jesus’ name” but this doesn’t mean we all pray to the same God. Since the time of the apostles, people have heard different teachings and ideas about God that have been confusing and misleading. Over time, we can adopt broken images of God and pray to...

Image for a prayer over workplace idolatry 

Workplace idolatry 

With feng shui, new age and other idolatrous practices so rampant, it is almost impossible to work in a place that worships God only. Before Jesus left His disciples, He prayed that we would be protected from Satan while we are in this world. Let us be “wise as serpents...

Image for a prayer to break curses of idolatry

Curses of idolatry

Many of us have burnt joss-sticks in temples, made polite bows at graves or altars, prayed to dead “saints” or “Mother Mary”, kowtowed to a martial arts guardian deity, worshipped the Hindu kundalini spirit through yoga etc. – without knowing these are things that offend God. We may have even brought...

Image for When comparisons become sinful

When comparisons become sinful

Comparison is a form of social learning. When we use it to ask ourselves, “How can I be more like Jesus?”, it helps us grow to become more Christlike. If we use it to judge and envy other people with statements such as; “I am better than that” or “Why...